Wednesday, June 21, 2017

Buck Moon

July 8th is the next ride!

We will start at Cardinal Wine & Spirits, 4905 N. Lincoln. This will be our meeting place for a while. It has a friendly bartender who makes us food, an attached liquor store and regulars who share their swedish fish. But still check in, just in case we change it up.

Meet around 8, leave around 9. Another summer weekend ride! Be there!

June: The Month of Butts

June's ride fell the day before Naked Ride. We were just warming them up.

We started at Cardinal Wine & Spirits, headed to the park and then to O's Tavern, where PBR is craft beer.
If you ever need a day beer, this is your place.

And everyone who showed up joined us on the ride! No stragglers left at the bar!

Tuesday, June 6, 2017

Strawberry Moon

Come to Cardinal Wine & Spirits, 4905 N. Lincoln. Meet at 8, leave sometime after.

This is the month of the Strawberry Moon, and the ride falls on Naked Bike Ride Eve. A whole weekend of butts!

Thursday, May 18, 2017


8(ish) years and we made it to Full Moon Fiasco 100!

We spent weeks hollering at everyone to come out and the night of the ride the rain tried to scream louder. It poured but people still showed up! Our new bff bartender made us food because "you knuckleheads have to get some food in you before you go out there drinking!"

All the food groups.

 And he did this:

We famous!

We had fun things to give away!
Motivational erasers

Spoke card

And we were successful at our beer century! We used a sticker method to track drinks. No one left unstickered. The rain finally let up so we grabbed park drinks (the advantage of starting at a slashie), stickered them and left.

Making friends

Then the ride headed to the most wood paneled of bars.
Just like grandpa's basement

We also found out about two more active FBCs, Madison and Sandpoint. Mad FBC calls their rides travesties instead of fiascos and they have themes!

Next ride is dangerously close to the World Naked Bike Ride. Will there be more than moons?

Monday, April 17, 2017

Prepare Your Bike and Liver for #100!

May 10th will be the 100th Full Moon Fiasco in Chicago! We plan to commemorate the occasion by attempting a Beer Century. If you don't know what that is then come find out! We'll need all the help we can get to finish.

Starts at Cardinal Liquors, 4905 N Lincoln. Meet up starting at 8, ride leaves sometime after 9.

Thursday, April 13, 2017

Number 99

The Full Moon made up for the one asshole bartender from last ride by giving us two great bartenders this ride!

We started at Cardinal Liquors where Bob offered to make us a crockpot of food and put our name on the marquee if we return. Bob wants to make sure we have some real food in us before we start drinking. We assured Bob that we are professionals and headed to the river. 

Bridge trolls
Our group was passed by a few late night riders. My favorite was the guy holding a flash light as a front light. Safety first. 

An assortment

On to the next stop! As we pull up, I see the bartender peeking through the door and hear a lock. She asks "Are you stopping here? I had the door locked because no one was here." Why does she sound so surprised to have customers? Why is this not the first time this has happened on FBC?

So we had the bar all to ourselves, except for a brief visit from a guy and his dog who would not let me pet it. 
I love the list of people barred from the bar! What did you do Lois?

All ours!
We did not get barred. Liz loved us and gave us shots!

Malort for us, Jager for her.

She said we could take an indoor picture but the bar was narrow and well lit so prepare yourself. We have some blindingly pale asses. 

Bartender laughing in the background

Not pictured: the bruise on my ass the next day from falling off my bike on the way home. 

Monday, April 10, 2017

April Moon

Meeting this month at Cardinal Wine and Spirit, 4905 N. Lincoln Ave. It is also the Full Egg Moon, so bring some cascarones and travelers. Meet around 8, leave around 9.

This will be FBC #99!