Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Fiasco 27 true-up

Sorry folks, no pix this time around. There is a FULL MOON Over Byron shot out there on someone's camera, but gave me the 'ol "no response" thing when I asked for it. We'll see.

Also, since there's no pix I can't really click through them to jog my rusty box for events that really stood out.

First of all, it was great to see so many new faces. I brought about 16 spoke cards, and gave nearly all of them away to noobs. Welcome! And a pleasant number of folks I haven't seen in quite a while. Welcome back, fair weather bikers! The rest of you, you know who you are. F-yeah. Keep bringing it big. And getting drunk.

For the third time in the history of this event, I personally led the group ride. For the first time in the history of my leading the ride, I didn't fuck anything up. A little preparation and scouting goes a long way. Or something.

We snaked through the North Branch Riverwalk, which is becoming one of my favorite short stretches of path in that part of town. Good views of the river through the trees in the dark makes it worth it. Also makes a good pee stop for all those fartblossoms that forgot to go before leaving the bar.

After a roundabout tour of Lakeview, we landed at our destination: Wrigleyville North. This has been one of my standby dives for quite a while. There's a good band that plays blues and old school country on Friday and Saturday nights. For years, I had no idea the name of the band, so aptly dubbed them the Beer Guts. As luck would have it, the Beer Guts were playing that night. Sweet.

Without wasting any time, I started priming my belly with beer for the eventual late night burrito. The joint just north of the Sheridan Red Line has what has hitherto been a magical hangover prevention burrito. It didn't work this time.

UPDATE, March 7. The full moon over whatever street that is picture finally arrived. As you can see, the double decker makes it's debut: