Thursday, May 18, 2017


8(ish) years and we made it to Full Moon Fiasco 100!

We spent weeks hollering at everyone to come out and the night of the ride the rain tried to scream louder. It poured but people still showed up! Our new bff bartender made us food because "you knuckleheads have to get some food in you before you go out there drinking!"

All the food groups.

 And he did this:

We famous!

We had fun things to give away!
Motivational erasers

Spoke card

And we were successful at our beer century! We used a sticker method to track drinks. No one left unstickered. The rain finally let up so we grabbed park drinks (the advantage of starting at a slashie), stickered them and left.

Making friends

Then the ride headed to the most wood paneled of bars.
Just like grandpa's basement

We also found out about two more active FBCs, Madison and Sandpoint. Mad FBC calls their rides travesties instead of fiascos and they have themes!

Next ride is dangerously close to the World Naked Bike Ride. Will there be more than moons?