Thursday, July 21, 2016

Buck Moon

Is Malort the official initiation shot of Chicago? The last couple times I remember drinking Malort was when I joined a new group. Before that I just ordered it to trick suburbanites and out of towners into thinking I was taking a shot with them so I could see their Malort face. A good $3 wasted.

We had 2 new riders this month so we handed out 2 shots of Malort. Altogether we had 27 people meet at O’Shaugnessey’s and 22 people ride with us. I don’t know if it was the new start location, the weather or just luck but we had a great turnout! We convinced one bikeless person to take a Divvy on the ride and it worked out pretty well so remember that if you ever find yourself with a broken bike on FBC night.

Our first stop was by the Diversey driving range.

It’s really hard to take photos when one side of the group is bright lights of a golf course and the other side is a dark field.

Talking hammocks

After that we headed to Delilah’s and took over the 2nd floor.

Around midnight we headed out to take our photo. It wasn’t easy to get everyone across both lanes when the street was empty. Safety 2nd!

Bonus SFW version

Next full moon is August 18th! We haven’t decided if we are going to stay with O’Shaugnessey’s as a meeting place but I will post when I know.