Monday, September 19, 2016

Harvest Moon

angry bartender
eyes frostier than your mugs
are you a drug front

Welcome to the September edition of FBC! 

Our starting location this month was Leadway bar, home of salty pizza and a nice empty patio for us to take over. We had a good size group come out which I credit to good weather, weekend moon and Neil Young. 

The bartenders also don't care if you sit on the ground.

spilling out onto the sidewalk

From there we headed to The Magic Hedge. 

The hedge is a good place to watch birds and cruising guys but I didn't see either. Then we headed down a narrow, poorly lit and paved harbor path. 

bike lights and city lights


Then it was on to a bar that may or not may not be open!

It was open!

The bartender seemed honestly confused by customers on a Friday night. Also she wouldn't serve mixed drinks even though I could see the mixers in the cooler! We had new people but I forgot to make them drink Malort. I'm not even sure they had Malort. 

What did they have?


And shortly after that, the bartender decided the bar was closed for the night. I'm sure it was a coincidence. 

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Thursday, September 8, 2016

September Ride!

Next ride is September 16th! Leadway Bar! So much excitement!

Leadway is at 5233 N Damen Ave. You like fried things? They have fried things.

We meet around 8 and leave around whenever.

We'll do a park stop and end at a fine dive.

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