Thursday, August 13, 2009

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Beer and bicycling could be one of the best combos since beer and tacos or beer and pizza. Even since beer and more beer.

It was a crowded meet up at the Gingerman since the Decembrists were playing next door at the Metro. But, all 30 Fucking Bike Clubbers managed to gravitate to the window with beers in hand to get the Full Moon Fiasco cooking for the evening. Consider this an early warning: there may be a new meet up spot going forward.

Carolyn chost the destination and more or less led the route up the lakefront path and through Edgewater to Rogers Park. The ride was of a good distance…it was a good two-High Life ride. After an uneventful and super pleasant cruise, we arrived at Duke’s Hideaway.

Neil, the owner, surprised us all by offering garage space to all of us to park our rides for the night. Super Cool. A reception like this would be kickass every week. The beer was cheap and Ryan entertained us with some intoxicated musical stylings after the band finished up.

We snapped a good Full Moon shot (sans representation from the Ass Committee) and shortly after set out on our way South. This month’s extra curriculars included PJ and I drunk-sprinting on a kiddie track and some intoxicated playground tomfoolery. That is, until the Five-O chased us off with a flurry of expletives.

All in all a great ride. Lots of new faces, always great to see. We even had Laura, a St. Louis FBC veteran join our ranks. Now, don't for a moment think I'm playing loose and fancy with my approval stamp, but this one deserves one:

PS, anyone want to wager how many more months I can post a shot of 20+ asses on Chainlink before Leah or Howard give me a call to tell me to knock it off?