Thursday, May 6, 2010

Full Moon Fiasco XVII true-up

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Fire, Malort, The Pink Sash, instant karma and a nearly thwarted full moon over Clark Street photo: makings of a good spring ride.

The initial challenge of this ride was to try to incorporate the cooler-than-shit FIRE JAM, which takes place at Foster Beach every full moon. Laura took the reins in organizing a pre ride out there and brought with her 2 outrageously cool FBC flags. These flags then rode out the rest of the night like huge tail fins on her bike.

While Laura and company were watching fire twirlers, blowers, spinners, we sat on our asses at Gannon’s Pub enjoying some of the city’s finest brews. Once the fire jammers arrived, we wrapped things up and headed on a circuitous route to Andersonville led by PJ and Michael. A perfect night for a ride.

Not long after arriving at Simon’s (which is an excellent joint with a copious beer selection), the Pink Sash of Shame came out of hibernation and was awarded to Darin. I think the story months ago was that he was going to miss a ride because his (now ex) girlfriend’s cousin had a birthday dinner party the same night. This is exactly the sort of activity which merits the Pink Sash.Excellent.

Lo and behold, Malort made another appearance to some Malort virgins. Surprisingly to some, it was enjoyed. Personally, I wasn’t surprised. It’s the sort of experience you’re not going to forget.It may turn your face inside-out for a brief moment, but it is enjoyable nonetheless.

An attempt at thwarting the now-institutional FULL MOON PHOTO ultimately failed. We headed out to the street and set up directly in front of the bar. Not a moment after an array of bare asses aimed at the camera like a firing range, the door guy came outside. This ass-hat actually attempted to hide 25 bare butts with outstretched hands. The bartender even got involved, but after we were already on our way inside. This of course set in motion a discussion on guerrilla-style FULL MOON PHOTOGRAPHY in the future. At any rate, here you go. Full Moon over Clark:

Last, but certainly not least, instant karma struck a rider in the form of pavement to the face on the way home. You know who you are. A rider, to remain nameless for the time being, thought it a good idea to knock down construction pylons while weaving between them. When reaching the end of his obstacle course of gleeful destruction, his attention diverted just long enough for his front wheel to twist and he made a pitch to the pavement. More or less unscathed but with bent handlebars, Sir Unnamed Rider made his way home. Congratulations.

AND, for a late addition. Roger has become our second unofficial (only since nothing is really official with the FBC) cinematographer. Check out this vid: