Thursday, July 21, 2011

Full Moon Fiasco 32 true-up

---click the photo for some more pix---

Thanks to everyone for making it a great ride. The weather was perfect, had a great group, and a kickass route.

In a rare bit of pre-planning, Sol, PJ and I ventured out earlier in the week to scout a route going north to cut through and connect a series of parks. This also marks the first time the Fiasco has actually crossed the city limits!

About 15 minutes after we slinked out of Gannon's we pulled up next to the river along the North Channel Trail. Beers were produced from packs and jollility ensued. Rico rode the bucket o' booze, emblazoned with the FBC logo, which I promptly tumbled into and was nearly ridden away with by a bike pirate:

We cut a path along the river up into Lincolnwood, then back to Chicago on Touhy to circle around to Lerner Park for another beer break. Later, we pulled into Cary's on Devon Street to find that it was open mic night or something. And to find plenty of pitchers.

Great ride, everone. The Racketeers and their entourage were missed, but it was great to see so many new folks. And now for an image to haunt you till next month, I present Full Moon over Devon: