Tuesday, September 2, 2008

WTF!!! Why don’t we ride w/ the Full Moon?

If you’re from St. Louis or Spokane or if you’ve just heard of the FBC in other cities, you might be wondering why the hell the Chicago chapter has shucked FBC tradition and doesn’t organize the regular ride under the full moon. The monthly spectacle of the full moon is cause for ritual by many, and admittedly just a good night for crazy shit in general. It could also easily coincide with drinking and putting 700c wheels to pavement, BUT your humble founder and blogster as well as many of the potential first members (we haven’t even had a ride yet) also happen to be in the performing arts. Bottom line is: during most full moons our bikes are crammed into hallways, back rows, or locked up outside of dark theatres or warehouse spaces. Performances can’t be missed and rehearsal schedules always change. The alternative is organizing all midnight rides, but of course this creates even more logistical hemorrhoids so we have to be a little flexible to accommodate.

So for now anyway, we’re planning on organizing a ride at some point during the first week of every month regardless of the weather. Like I mentioned in an earlier post, we'll announce the date a week or two in advance. Of course this is not chiseled into a tablet, but seems a logical place to begin. Also, this way we never have to worry about coinciding with Critical Mass either.

If you’re really looking for something to do during a full moon, check out the Fire Tribe just south of Foster Beach. Koi spinners, dudes with flaming staffs, chicks with flaming hula hoops...it’s one of the hippest things I’ve ever seen. I'd head there more often but alas, shows. From time to time, the full moon will be during a good part of the week, so I’m going to try to integrate an FBC ride with the Fire Tribe at some point. That, my friends will be a pretty cool fucking ride. Might have some sort of flaming bike contest.

At any rate, the first ride is still scheduled for tomorrow, 9/3. We're meeting at the Piano Man at 7. If anyone is reading this, I hope to see you there.