Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Full Moon Fiasco XII true-up

---Click the spoke card to see some pix---

“The thing I hate about this bell is that it doesn’t work in the fucking rain.” -Martin Hazard.
Yes, it rained. It rained a cold, cold rain. It also started in earnest before we started, once we were snug in Gannon’s nursing brews and looking out on our glistening bikes. The original plan was to take a circuitous route that would’ve afforded great views of the moon. This was 86’d in favor of a direct route down Lincoln and Wellington to the Parrot Bar. Go directly to the Parrot Bar, do not pass Go.

Despite the weather we had a lively ride and made our way down the ramp to the bar before anyone was thoroughly soaked. A fresh batch of popcorn started popping, bills slid into the jukebox and all was well with the world despite a short ride. We also had a good number of folks come out to enjoy a good wet winter ride. 20 or so including a few newbs. I got to meet Doobie, the dude best known for taking photos of people in the “viva la bike” (or whatever) pose. I’d post a link, but can’t find his site. Vince also logged his first fiasco on a recumbent sporting a bowler. Nice.

Shortly after the shot of Malort my recollections become a bit distorted. Thanks, Matt B. What I do know is that Sol, Darin and I were the remaining FBCers closing down the Parrot Bar. So we did what any good dumbass does on a school night, go to a late night bar.

In other news: If this doesn’t perk up your fleece cap and toe booties, I don’t know what will: the next Full Moon Fiasco falls on NEW YEAR’S EVE. Yes, you read that correctly. Start time will be an hour earlier, meet up at 7, ride at 8. Other details are not yet chiseled on the tablet.

In still other news, the host of the FBC pictures,, has now censored the ass shot from that website. Now that the site has so many members, the admins have decided to run a nice clean ship with no full moons on it. So going forward, for all your ass needs refer to this site.