Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Fiasco XXVIII true-up

So the Midnight Marauders' rides just kill me. Not figuratively. Well, to be honest they don't kill me but usually make me wish I were dead for the two days following. I woke several hours after my 6AM arrival at home missing a wad of cash, most of my brain, and any vestiges of good health. BUT I had two empty plastic 6-pack holders in my pocket. I threw them away without cutting the holes. Watch out, ducks.

This month marked a special and dangerous occasion: Full Moon Fiasco and Midnight Marauders fell on the same night. The Fiasco was the opening act, teeing up what was to be an over-par course. The kind of course that makes you feel like you're biking under water. The kind of course, that's really damn fun.

Oh yeah, and for intermission between the rides, this photo was taken: