Monday, September 14, 2009

Full Moon Fiasco IX true-up

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The new meet up bar fits us like a well-greased suit. Thankfully the FBC attracts the kind of folks sharp enough to pick up on my tons of emails and other notices that the launch pad has changed location. Gannon’s is the place from here on out. The springboard to debauched thrill rides, the starting line for beer-soaked tomfoolery, the airplane door of the drunken leap of faith. Yeah, all that.

Anyway, we were under way late as usual and took a sweet ride twisting through the park, downtown under the el, across the Kedzie bridge for a cool view of downtown and pulled up to Richard’s Bar. What I expected to be a quiet dive bar was packed ass to forehead w/ so much drunk douchebaggery that I almost suggested making a move to yet another bar. BUT, as luck would have it, a room in the back was quickly vacated when all us dirty bikers filed in. Cheap beer abounded all around and the famed ASS SHOT took place before everyone dispersed.
Good to see so many familiar mugs, and great to meet all the newbs. Rider count was 44 or so, our largest yet. Nice work.