Monday, October 6, 2008

FBC II - Biketoberfest

Good times were had by all. Starting a ride with a full tank of Dunkel from the Uberstein should likely be a mandatory pre-ride prep from now on. We did take a pitstop for some eats and more beer at about the halfway point so Darin could catch up with us after his "inlaw dinner". The pitstop O'Shaugnessy's couldn't have been chosen better. Bikeless Mike, a friend from way, way back gave us some exemplary service and sent us on our way to the Huettenbar. Try the Alt at the Huetten if you get a chance.

If anyone's reading this, one item worth note is the discussion had Friday night about getting the Chicago FBC on the Full Moon cycle. We won't be able to accomplish this before the end of the year because of schedule demands outside the world of bicycling, but it's looking good for 2009. Should inspire a lot of crazy as well.