Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Full Moon Fiasco 1 true-up

Ah the sweet sensation of success! It’s like a pair of undies from the fridge on a hot day. Though it was anything but a hot day, the first ever Fiasco in Chicago turned out even better than expected. Some inroads through thechainlink.org and bikewinter.org helped get the good word out. The final count was 10 helmets, all frozen. Click the spoke card above to see the pix.

The Gingerman turned out to be a good meeting place, not only because they have Rogue Dead Guy Ale, but we had plenty of room to get our pre ride drink on by the front window. At launch time, it was about 20 degrees with little wind. The backstreets we took to get going were a little treacherous and showed the theory that skinny road tires may indeed be superior to fatties in snow and ice conditions. My “ice skates are better than beach balls” theory was not proven true per se, but the evidence sure made me feel smart.

Data collected:
Total spills: 1 (knobby mountain tires)
Total near spills: quite a few (balloon tires)
Total number of big heads for his theory seeming true: 1 (road tires)

The plan was originally to spread some bikewinter.org stickers along the way, but staying in motion trumped all as our fingers slowly turned to frozen sausages and snotcicles began forming from the tips of our noses. All the major streets were nice and clear (and it’s not even an election year) all the way to Riccochet’s in Lincoln Square. Smooth.

Riccochet’s brought discussion of themes for future rides, how to get more people involved and the usual banter associated with pitcher after pitcher of PBR. The PBR also inspired the Full Moon over Lincoln Ave photo as a double entendre. I’ve got to tip my helmet to Ammo for that idea.

So, not many bikewinter stickers got stuck, but good times were had by all. Thanks to all who braced against the weather and joined. See y’all next lunar month!


  1. It's good to see an FBC starting up in Chicago. Drunken Debauchery on a bicycle is the a great way to have fun! I suggest you talk with a guy named Lee, who heads up St Louis's FBC. We here in St. Louis are on number 50, with a showing of about 30-40 in the cold months. Granted, it is a little warmer with less snow, but still our fingers turn into, "little frozen sausages." He might have a bunch of marketing ideas. Also, there is word of mouth. I'm a bike tech down here, and whenever I see a possible FBC candidate (ie anyone who rides bikes and likes PBR) I surely speak of FBC. Anyway, best of luck, and if I'm ever on the north side, and there's a full moon, you'll be sure to see this FBCer riding with you.