Thursday, February 12, 2009


Somewhere between the automatic weapons and the free shots of bourbon, I knew it this ride was destined for greatness. We started at the G’Man once again. Had a few new members, a few of whom I met on a Midnight Marauders ride and there was one noob that found out about us through chainlink, I think. I never made an official count, but I ran out of spoke cards and didn’t get one myself. That means we had at least 13. Let’s call that the official number. Up three from last month! At this rate, we’ll have a thousand sometime in the year 2035. Check out the pix by clicking on the lovely spoke card.

At any rate, since the freezing rain stopped, we took a somewhat circuitous route to the Twisted Spoke, including a turn through the Finkl Steel Plant at Southport and Cortland. Cortland was cordoned off by Chicago police carrying fully automatic weapons. They declined a photo op with the Fucking Bike Club, but I did manage to snap one weak shot before we cranked off on our way. You can see the cop w/ the rifle in the background. Apparently they were melting down confiscated weapons. How fucking cool.

We made it to the Twisted Spoke, where I was informed that at least one person had come and gone to meet us, but gave up. Note to all, we are never on time. At some point, a tray of free bourbon shots came around. Thanks, Spoke! Though this combined with the 100 PBRs I consumed eliminated any memory of riding from there to Delilah’s a little while later.

Overall, a great ride. Weather was cold and perfect. Great to see some new faces along with the old. Smiles and drunkenness abounded. See you next lunar month!

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  1. Glad to hear you had a great ride. Many more to come, I'm sure.