Friday, May 27, 2016

Flower Moon

May's ride fell on the Night of the Beast so we planned to meet up with Midnight Marauders. Except Marauders didn't ride. Well, except Chuck #lonelymarauder

One of Chuck's #lonelymarauder photos

We had 2 bike DJs on our ride, finally had some nice weather, time to go to the lake. Some drunk women at the lake told us how awesome we are for biking. Damn right!
 Then we headed North. All of the way North. We went to the Lighthouse Tavern. This is the type of bar you would not notice unless you knew it was there. It's on the first floor of a residential building, entrance tucked on a side street. Across the street is a Super 8 Motel. We speculated about who would stay at that Super 8 and how much a room costs. About $150 a night in case you were wondering.

Since we were planning on meeting Marauders at the Billy Goat, I didn't eat dinner. A guy at the bar suggested Fireside Lounge and Craig said he hated it but we should go there anyway. So we did and it wasn't horrible! We met another fan outside who told us how responsible we are for biking. We also forgot to take a photo.

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