Tuesday, June 21, 2016

Strawberry Moon

The unofficial greeting of FBC is "Do I have time for a beer?" You roll up to Gannons 10 minutes before the intended departure time, scanning the level of beer in each glass on the table. You spot the slow drinker with a half full glass and the bartender actually makes eye contact with you as you walk in! You have time for a beer.

This full moon coincided with the summer solstice. We head out to celebrate the solstice and end up in a bunch of wood chips along the river. It was a very nice garden but not really what we were looking for so we headed to California Park.
Talking bikes, beer, and twerking witches.

After the park we headed to a bar that FBC has not been to before. They also have a patio and allows dogs! We were the only people in the bar so we took over the patio which is dangerously close the the neighbors. Sorry, we were trying to be quiet. There are a couple dart boards outside with some chalk that is probably supposed to be used for keeping score but is actually used for graffiti. 

Butthole commentary
We were joined by a new rider so after he was properly Malorted we took our full moon photo. We got a rare inside the bar photo!
Hands on the wall!

Next ride is July 19th!