Wednesday, November 16, 2016

Beaver Moon

I missed all opportunities for Beaver Moon jokes and I apologize for that.

What makes for a good park stop? Good view of the moon? Hidden from streets? How about

The bees were sleeping/dead but we still had


Or sap leaking. 

We saw a good photo op close to the gross trees and bees so we stopped for some photos. 

Someone had feelings about people not participating in the photo

After that we went through a bunch of alleys and no one got a flat! We found some real good junk. 

Still in the plastic!
Just missing a motor

The alley led to 439 Nightclub which was strangely quiet. So we took over the jukebox. 

We had to head back north so we had just enough time for one more stop. We had exactly 10 minutes to order and finish our drinks before Ola was finished with us. 

And now your moment of Zen

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